Africa Health 2012 concludes; Latest healthcare technology launched

The second annual Africa Health 2012 Conference and Exhibition concludes today at the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The three day long exhibition which was launched on the 09th of May saw many new innovations in healthcare technology unveiled.

Healthcare companies from around the globe including Germany, Turkey, India, Malaysia, China and the United Kingdom were present at the exhibition.

Africa Health 2012 the sister event of Arab Health, the second largest healthcare event in the world witnessed the launching of many new innovations in the health sector.

Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics a British based company launched their Insight Diagnostic System which according to a statement by them, “Is the only health screening package based on dry reagent technology in the world and has been created through a partnership between three of the industry’s most respected point of care diagnostic devices.

Describing the system Woodley Laboratory stated, “The revolutionary design of the Insight Diagnostic System will mean a full haematology, biochemistry and infectious disease profile can be performed within a short time period using just capillary blood – and helping to diagnose infectious disease parasites such as malaria at the point of care.”

The statement observed the system was unique as it was able to screen haematology and biochemistry within a matter of minutes and since it is based around dry reagent technology it eliminates many issues faced by clinicians with regard to storage space, biohazardous waste and spillages.

Mike Wickham, Managing Director of Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics, stated, “The Insight Diagnostic System is a cost effective solution for health screening at the Point Of Care that can allow critical, life saving diagnostic tests to be performed in virtually any setting,” he continued, “The System has been created in response to an unmet need in the field of health screening, particularly for more remote health clinics across Africa.”

Foundation sponsors for the event Siemens along with Netcare Foudation also launched its revolutionary mammography machine.

Netcare Foundations will fund a service which will provide mammography services free of charge to underprivileged women in rural areas of South Africa.

Drager, a Germany based firm participating at the Africa Health 2012 launched its own new technology with a workspace optimized for anaesthesiologists.

Speaking to Cihan, Michael Wilken Vice President for product management anaesthesia said, “This year is a special year for us because we launched a new product which we have developed over the past 3 years, put a lot of energy in, we actually listened to our customers worldwide.”

“We observed anaesthetists and their work and what we learnt from that is what we put into this new machine, what you can easily see is really different not only in its design but even in its technology from what people are used to today,” he said.

Wilken noted anaesthesiologists had to sit in labs for 8 to 10 hours a day and this machine would bring a lot of ease to anaesthesiologists by owning the latest technology both inside and outside.

Wilken also noted the machine helps save money by cutting down on the drug usage of the patients.

The first edition of Africa Health launched in May 2011 and included over 290 exhibitors including leading companies such as Siemens, Fujifilm, Karl Storz, Nihon, Kohden, Agfa, Maquet, ArjoHuntleigh, Unicore and many more. Over 30 nations were represented including pavilions from China, Germany, France, Korea, India, Taiwan, Italy, Bavaria, USA and Iran.

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