Double-arm transplant recipient dies of urinary tract infection

Atilla Kavdır, who underwent a double-arm transplant in January, passed away early on Friday after suffering from a urinary tract infection.

Dr. Ömer Özkan, a professor from the department of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at Akdeniz University’s School of Medicine, told the press that Kavdır has been fighting for his life in intensive care for two days and passed away at 4:30 a.m. on Friday.

The recipient of Turkey’s second double-arm transplant, Kavdır underwent surgery at Akdeniz University Hospital in January. The two arms and one leg transplanted onto Kavdır, who lost his arms and right leg when he was 11 years old, were donated by the family of Ahmet Kaya. Kaya had been seriously injured in a train accident in Uşak and declared brain dead in mid-January.

Kaya’s face was also donated and successfully transplanted onto 19-year-old Uğur Acar in Turkey’s first face-transplant.

The hospital attempted the world’s first triple-limb transplant on Kavdır. But Kavdır’s situation saw a setback when his body rejected the transplanted leg, leaving surgeons no choice but to amputate it.

The world’s first quadruple-limb transplant recipient, Şevket Çavdar, also died early in February after his transplanted limbs had to be amputated.

Doctors at Ankara’s Hacettepe University Hospital were forced to amputate both arms and the right leg of 27-year-old Çavdar due to metabolic failure. Çavdar later died despite what Hacettepe University Hospital said were “extraordinary efforts by 200 doctors and health personnel for 90 hours” to save him.

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