Military hospitals to be restructured according to performance

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Defense Minister İsmet Yılmaz has announced that military hospitals will be restructured according to performance.

Responding to a question in Parliament on the fate of military hospitals from Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Kütahya deputy Alim Işık on Tuesday, Yılmaz said some of the military hospitals that are performing poorly will either be closed down or turned into polyclinics. 

Stating that the main function of the military hospital is to provide health care services to Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) personnel, Yılmaz added that they are working on new restructuring measures that will see the military hospitals cooperate with Health Ministry hospitals and the requirements of the national health care system. “Within the scope of this aim, the performances of these hospitals will be assessed. Some hospitals will be closed down; some of them will be turned into polyclinics in order to make them more functional. The military hospitals whose performances are already high will continue to serve without any change,” Yılmaz further noted. 

There are many military hospitals across the country. The most prominent ones are the Ankara Gülhane Military Academy of Medicine (GATA), GATA Haydarpaşa Teaching Hospital, the Marshal Fevzi Cakmak Military Hospital in Erzurum, the Eskişehir Military Hospital and the İstanbul Kasımpaşa Military Hospital. 

In order to make military hospitals more effective, legislation was passed in 2005 that enabled civilian patients to receive medical care in military hospitals, which was previously impossible. According to the legislation military hospitals other than GATA and the facility situated at the gendarmerie’s headquarters will admit civilian patients on the condition that there is a vacant bed and that the number of civilian patients admitted does not exceed 10 percent of the total number of beds. 

Check-ups and treatment of parents, brothers and sisters, as well as adopted children of retired military officers, military civil servants, noncommissioned officers, and professional gendarmerie soldiers are being conducted in military health institutions within the scope of the 2005 legislation.

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